Manitoba Metis Federation - Our People, Our Health 

The Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) presentation entitled “Our People, Our Health: Strengthening our Métis Families and Communities”. Included in the presentation was an overview of the MMF and research outcomes to date on Métis Health Status. The presenters shared information on Métis-specific programming including the: Community Wellness Development Program; Mental Wellness Program; Informal Caregivers Support Program and Chronic Disease Prevention and Self-Management Program. The MMF also provided information on MMF’s Prescription Drug Program and priorities in Housing and Homelessness. 

Métis Nation British Columbia – Ta Saantii- Profile of Métis Youth Health in BC 

Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) partnered with McCreary Centre Society, an NGO that aims to improve the health of BC youth through research, evaluation and youth engagement projects, to produce a profile of Métis Youth in 2016. The Métis Nation specific report provides a profile of Youth in BC. The following are among several topics addressed: nutrition; weight and body image; substance use; sexual health; violence; physical activities; education and employment cultural connectedness; and urban-rural differences.

Métis Nation British Columbia – Ta Saantii – Your Health 

Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) representatives delivered a comprehensive overview and addressed topics including: governance; TRC Calls to Action and UNDRIP; as well as Métis Nation Relationship Accord II between the Province of BC and MNBC. Its Métis Public Health Surveillance results were presented on chronic diseases including: Diabetes; Heart Disease; Hypertension; Kidney Disease; and Mental Health. Presenters also spoke to MNBC’s collaboration with the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC) and with the McCreary Centre Society in a project on Homelessness and street-involvement of Métis Youth in British Columbia. 

Métis Nation of Alberta –MNA’s Ministry of Health, Children and Youth 

Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA) provided an overview of its Ministry of Health, Children and Youth. It shared its Strategic Priorities in the areas of Children and Youth; Research; and Health Services and Design. The MNA shared information on its Health Research as well as Youth programs and services including Intergenerational Gatherings; Life Skills programming; and On-the-Land camps. Participants also learned about Child and Family services such as education of Child Service workers. 

Métis Nation of Ontario – Research Collaborations 

The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) presentation entitled Research Collaborations to Enhance Métis Health and Well-being provided a comprehensive overview of the MNO approach to health and wellness. The presentation included an overview of: MNO’s Statement of Prime Purpose; Research Collaborations; Approaches to Research and Guidelines for Research; MNO’s Household Survey; and a range of Knowledge Translation and Mobilization and Programs and Services. 

Métis Nation – Saskatchewan – Community Lead Collaborative Approaches 

The Métis-Nation – Saskatchewan Minister of Health delivered an overview of the presentation entitled Community Lead Collaborative Approaches – the Landscape of Métis Health in Saskatchewan. Panel presentation topics included: MN-S Data Governance Model for Clinical Data with the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA); Key Milestones and Terms of Engagement in SHA’s engagement with the Métis Nation; and overall approaches in Saskatchewan to Community Lead Collaboration.  

Métis Nation – Saskatchewan - Opportunities and Risks in the Cannabis Sector 

A Presentation was delivered on Opportunities and Risks in the Cannabis Sector: Economic and Social Considerations for Indigenous Investors. Topics included: Market nalysis; Cannabinoids and Health; Therapeutic aspects; and Impacts of Legalization of Cannabis in the U.S.