The following resources represent a few Métis Nation specific public tools, resources and reports developed by Métis governments. Additional resources, tools and research reports can be found on the respective websites in Links.  

Elder Abuse Among Métis – Métis Nation British Columbia 

Métis Nation British Columbia has produced a brochure as an awareness and prevention tool on Elder Abuse. This resource provides information on What is Elder Use as well as Elder Abuse Contacts and Laws that protect Elders. 

The Métis Nation Relationship Accord II  

The Accord, first signed in by Métis Nation British Columbia and the Province in 2006, and was renewed in 2016 to strengthen relationships. The Accord set out joint objectives including those in the area of health and opportunities for engaging in a tripartite relationship with the federal government.

A Profile of Metis Health Status and Healthcare Utilization in Manitoba: A Population-Based Study – Summary Report 

Martens PJ, Bartlett J, Burland E, Prior H, Burchill C, Huq, S, Romphf L, Sanguins, J, Carter S, Bailly A. Profile of Metis Health Status and Healthcare Utilization in Manitoba: A Population-Based Study. Winnipeg, MB: Manitoba Centre for Health Policy, June 2010.

This study presents health information for 73,000 Metis people in Manitoba. It is the first of its kind in Canada and provides a comprehensive and scientifically reliable baseline for planning and monitoring trends in health status of Metis over time.

It's a Long Way from Here - Health Consumer Experiences of Northern Manitoba Metis – Summary Report 

This study presents the first Metis-specific information about access to health services for Metis who live in northern Manitoba. Researchers learned that many of the challenges are related to: transportation, distance to specialized health services, access to healthy foods, and the need for programming in communities among others. 

Health Status of the Métis Population of Alberta

In 2010, the MNA began the process of collecting high-quality aggregate research data on the health of citizens, which involved negotiations with Alberta Health and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC). The result was that the MNA and PHAC entered into a five-year funding arrangement to pursue Métis-specific health research, and the MNA and Alberta Health entered into an Information Sharing Agreement, which involved the collection of de-identified administrative health data for Métis Albertans. Objectively verifiable data was gathered on Métis Albertans and a report was developed in partnership with the School of Public Health at the University of Alberta. This report has been utilized as a baseline report on health and health service utilization for Métis Albertans. 

Diabetes in the Métis Nation of Ontario Fact Sheet 

Research on Diabetes in the Métis population of Ontario conducted by the Métis Nation of Ontario and the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences.